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Just like my name, Samir, I hope to continue to be a “breath of fresh air” to people I meet. 


I am in a profession that enables me to help people hone their skills and responses to the ever-changing environment around us.  My primary value of ‘Relationship Building’ drives me to meet, interact with people from different walks of life, and to connect with nature and life around me with deeper knowing.


Through this Website-cum-Blog, I invite you to savour some of my thoughts and ideologies; a mixture of varied emotions, feelings, anecdotes, and snippets from my daily experiences of people, animals and much more.


Some intriguing photographs, anthologies, travelogues, and cooking experiments will surely make you smile.  I hope, at times, it will make you look at life a little differently.

I am practising to listen to the unsaid.


Should you want to come along, Enter!


My practice of listening to the unsaid has led me to look at life around us differently almost as if every experience is a teacher.  My thoughts will perhaps provide you with another perspective to relate, to ponder, and to think about things around us.  If any shift does take place in your being along the way, even a minuscule one, I would consider the content to have served its purpose.  I welcome you to my zone.  Wishing you entertainment, respite, and overall well-being.

Animal Whisperer

Since childhood I have had a special place in my heart for animals. I often wished, I could talk to animals.  This curiosity has led me to practice Telepathic Animal Communication. I derive immense pleasure in being able to communicate with animals. I have realized that they are always willing to communicate. The results for me are simply phenomenal. I could help people talk to their pets.  I could guide people to find their lost pets and I could talk to wild animals. I have realized that if one had a pure intent, animals were always forthcoming. Does that intrigue you? Do you find that fascinating?  Would you like me to help you talk to your pet?  Reach out!

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